Overview of our services

  • Federal and state-wide support of ESF, federal, state and municipal funded programs / projects for the implementation of the (Inter-) Cultural Mainstreaming Approach

  • Intercultural organizational and business consulting of (public) institutions for the implementation of the (Inter-) Cultural Mainstreaming Approach

  • Initiation and accompaniment of cooperation with immigrant organizations in the field of labor market and (education)

  • Accompanying process for the evaluation of federal and state-funded programs and projects
    Advice on migration-sensitive public relations and media work

  • Advice on migration-sensitive public relations and media work

  • Development of migration-sensitive concepts

  • Conception, moderation and follow-up of symposia and events

  • Lectures / seminars / workshops on topics relevant to migration and integration

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Conceptional approach

The theoretical background of our approach is the principle of (inter-) cultural mainstreaming [1]. This is a politically and legally anchored approach by the European Union for administrations and institutions with the aim of ensuring equal participation of persons with migrant background.

"Cultural mainstreaming (also known as ethnic mainstreaming) is analogous to the principle of gender mainstreaming as part of comprehensive diversity management, also as part of a strategy that considers diversity not as a problem but as a resource. Like "gender", "cultural" or "ethnic" does not focus on a biological disposition, but on the social construction of ethnic groups and their opportunities as members of ethnic minorities in the immigration country" [2].

As a practice-oriented consulting and research institute, MOZAIK gGmbH has now 15 years of relevant experience in the accompaniment and design of EU, federal and state programs. The specific profile of MOZAIK gGmbH consists of practical support (advice), intercultural networking, as well as the development of innovative model approaches to promote equal participation of people with and without migration history in all areas of society. The focus of the services of MOZAIK gGmbH is above all on the equal participation of immigrants in the labor and training market.

[1] Further information and questions about the implementation of the (inter-) cultural mainstreaming approaches can be found in: http://www.perspektive-berufsabschluss.de/de/1298.php#2.

[2] Source: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Hrsg.): Verbesserung der beruflichen Integrationschancen von benachteiligten Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen durch Netzwerkbildung. In:Schriftenreihe zum Programm „Kompetenz fördern – Berufliche Qualifizierung für Zielgruppen mit besonderem Förderbedarf(BQF-Programm)“. Band II d, 2009, S.47 (last consultation 13th Juni 2009).